Pool Barrier Compliance Certification and Consultation

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Swimming Pool and Spa Compliance Certification and Consultation

Precision Pool Inspections are licensed, fully insured E1 Accredited Swimming Pool Certifiers with a specialised knowledge of the legislation, guidelines and steps required to ensure that your swimming pool is compliant

Swimming pool safety is important. Along with responsible adult supervision and teaching your children to swim, a compliant swimming pool barrier can ensure the safety of your family and friends. A swimming pool barrier safety inspection provides reassurance to swimming pool owners that their swimming environment is safe and that risks are minimised.

Swimming pool owners that intend to sell or lease their property must now have their swimming pool barrier inspected and passed as compliant by an E1 Accredited Swimming Pool Certifier. A Certificate of Compliance or Non-Compliance must be included with a Contract of Sale and a Residential Tenancy Agreement.

Why Use Precision Pool Inspections?

Qualified Inspectors

Qualified Inspectors

At Precision Pool Inspections all of our inspectors are accredited E1 certifiers and are fully insured.
Compliance Certification

Compliance Certification

Certificates are issued within 24 hours of inspection. All certificates of non-compliance include a full written report to help pool owners achieve compliance.
Pool Barrier Consultancy

Pool Barrier Consultancy

Our consultants can provide advise to pool owners on how to ensure their pool barrier is compliant for inspections.
Flexible Bookings

Flexible Bookings

We are flexible to work with pool owners and Real Estate Agents at a time convenient to them.
Locally Owned

Locally Owned

Precision Pools Inspections is proud to service Macarthur and its surrounding areas.
All Inclusive Fee

All Inclusive Fee

We include an initial inspection and one re-inspection (if required), issue of certificates and written reports.

How can we help?

Precision Pool Inspections can provide advice to ensure your pool barrier is compliant

Check IconSwimming Pool Barrier Safety Inspections

Precision Pool Inspections will inspect your pool barrier to ensure its meets NSW Standards

Check IconSpa Pool Safety Inspections

Precision Pool Inspections will inspect your spa pool to ensure its meets NSW Standards

Check IconNSW Swimming Pool Register Registration

We can help ensure your pool is registered on the NSW Swimming Pool Register

Check IconCompliance Certification

Certificates of Compliance or Non-Compliance are issued within 24 hours of inspection

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    Precision Pool Inspections will ensure your Swimming Pool Barrier meets the Australian Standards.


Swimming Pool Compliance Inspection

Pool Cost

Spa Pool Compliance Inspection

Spa Cost

Our inclusive fees include initial inspection, issue of certificate, one re-inspection and written report (if required)

"Mel from Precision worked quickly to provide the compliance certificate. With the pool done, the clients house sold and everyone is happy!"

Shaun Pereira
Pereira Realty Group

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